Online Assignment #1: Due January 28

Read the transcript from the trial of Anne Hutchinson and Thomas Morton’s Description of Natives in New England.  Then write a three paragraph response to one of the documents.  Describe how the primary source adds to our understanding of Colonial America.

I’m Anne Hutchinson. Click to read a transcript of my trial.

Online Assignment #2: Due February 9

Before class read the excerpt from Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.  We will discuss the document in class.

I’m Thomas Paine. Click me to read an excerpt from Common Sense.

Online Assignment #3: Due February 18

Before class read the entire Constitution.  Also read No. 10 of the Federalist Papers.  Then post to the discussion board a two paragraph counter-argument disputing Madison.

Click to read my Federalist No. 10.

Online Assignment #4: Due March 4

Read this excerpt written by Frederick Douglass.   Now write a one-page editorial in response to the article from the point-of-view of a Southern slave owner.

I’m Frederick Douglass. Click me to read an excerpt from My Bondage and My Freedom

Online Assignment #5: Due March 11

Before class read Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech (1860) and summarize his main points.  Was his argument convincing?

Click to read one of my greatest speeches.

Online Assignment #6: Due March 16

Read the Emancipation Proclamation posted below (note: you can click on the images to zoom in).  Write a one paragraph description of what the Proclamation did and then write a second paragraph describing what it was like to read the original version.  Would reading a transcription have provided the same experience?

Online Assignment #7: Due March 23

Before class look at the following photographs from Jacob Riis:

Click for a slideshow of images.

Online Assignment #8: Due March 30

Select one of the major themes of the Progressive Era you read about in the textbook and find an image (political cartoon, art, etc.) that embodies your theme.  Write a two paragraph explanation.  Here are a few examples of the types of images you could choose:

Online Assignment #9: Due April 20

Before class listen to one of FDR’s Fireside Chats and be prepared to discuss it.

Online Assignment #10: Due April 22

Read this translation of a leaflet dropped on the Japanese on August 6, 1945.  Then, imagine you were in charge of the war effort.  What would you say to Japanese citizens?

Online Assignment #11: Due April 27

Watch the following video before class:
Online Assignment #12: Due May 6

Watch the video posted below and then find your own video or audio clip of a song that you think embodies the 1960s.  Write one paragraph explaining why you chose your song.
Online Assignment #13: Due May 11

Watch this clip of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream Speech.”
Online Assignment #14: Due May 13

Watch this clip of Barry Goldwater’s speech at the Republican National Convention.  In one paragraph explain what he was saying and why you think the crowd reacted so positively to his message.