In addition to the readings and assignments detailed on the syllabus, I will post several web-based assignments here throughout the semester.  Be sure to check this site regularly.

Online Assignment #1: Due September 3

Read Article II of the Constitution. In just a few sentences write down your first impressions.  Does anything surprise you?

Online Assignment #2: Due September 15

Pick two of the following four political cartoons and write one paragraph for each explaining the cartoon:

Online Assignment #3: Due September 22

Listen to one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Campaign Speeches.  Write a two paragraph summary of a speech (or feel free to give your own speech in a video) that Woodrow Wilson might have given in response.  Post it to the course discussion board.

Online Assignment # 4: Due October 20

Listen to two of FDR’s “Fireside Chats” including the one pasted below and one you find on your own.  Then write two paragraphs in response to the addresses noting how you would have reacted if you were listening to the speech in 1933.

Online Assignment # 5: Due October 29

Watch these two campaign commercials for Eisenhower.  Post your reactions to the discussion board noting how these ads differ from today’s political campaign advertisements:

Online Assignment # 6:  Due November 3

Watch this clip from the 1960 Presidential Debates.  Post a one paragraph reaction to the course discussion board.  Also, before class, watch the excerpt of JFK’s inaugural address posted below.

Online Assignment # 7:  Due November 10

Before class watch the following campaign ad from LBJ:

Online Assignment # 8:  Due November 12

Before class watch Nixon’s Resignation Speech:

Online Assignment #9: Due November 26

Watch Reagan’s “Evil Empire” Speech.  Post a paragraph comment about the speech and also respond to a classmate’s comment.

Online Assignment #10: Due December 8

Watch this campaign ad for George H.W. Bush.  Post one paragraph describing why you think it might have been such an effective ad:

Online Assignment #11: Due December 15

Watch the following (amusing) clip from the 2008 Presidential Debate for Republican Nomination in which each candidate tries to align himself with the policies of former President Ronald Reagan.  Find and post another example of a contemporary politician using history or historical figures to persuade his audience and explain why you think history is so often used as a political tool.