In addition to the readings and assignments detailed on the syllabus, I will post several web-based assignments here throughout the semester.  Be sure to check this site regularly.

Online Assignment #1

Find and post an image, cartoon, or editorial about the problem of crime in New York City from anytime between 1850-1870.  Write two paragraphs describing the document and provide historical context based on our course readings and discussions.

Here’s an example of an appropriate image:

January 29, 1859, Harper’s Weekly

Online Assignment #2

Post a link to a piece of art that you think embodies the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance.  You might choose a painting, sound clip, film, poem, etc.  Write two paragraphs explaining why you chose your particular artwork and how it speaks to the Harlem Renaissance and the themes we have discussed in class.  Here are a couple of examples:

Archibald Motley, Blues (1929)
Palmer Hayden, Midsummer Night in Harlem (1938)

Duke Ellington Orchestra, Cotton Club, Harlem, 1931:

Online Assignment #3

Imagine that Robert Moses’ highway plan for New York City came to fruition.  Write two paragraphs describing how Greenwich Village would have changed.  Feel free to include drawings or maps.  Then write one more paragraph in response to a comment made by one of your classmates.

Online Assignment #4

Document the surge in patriotism that came in the wake of 9/11 with an image you find online.  In one paragraph analyze the image and in a second paragraph describe the changes you witnessed in the first few weeks following the attacks.

Here are some examples: